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9$                                SHIPPING PRACTICE

At any time when change of ownership of a vessel occurs, a
bill of sale is made out even if no money passes. The Bill of
Sale Act, 1882, does not apply to the sale of ships. The bin
of sale and declaration of transfer is produced to the
registrar, who records the particulars of this transaction in
the register book, and endorses the certificate of registry

It is usual when a ship is sold for the vessel to be dry
docked for hull inspection, and if after such an inspection
the report is not favourable, or the purchaser is not satisfied,
the expenses of such a survey are for account of the vendor.
Should, however, the survey prove satisfactory then a
deposit of 10 per cent is made, and the balance of purchase
money paid over on completion,

On sale or loss of the ship, the official log is returned to
the superintendent at Port of Registry.

When signing articles, the crew make the contract with
the master as agent for the owners, and such contract must
be considered apart from ownership of the vessel. If the
ownership changes, the original owner ceasing to run his
vessel, then the terms of employment are changed and the
crew may claim immediate repatriation. See also notes
in Chapter XII. The crew have the option upon the
transfer of ownership of a vessel of requesting their dis-
charge with full repatriation, or of signing fresh articles
with the new owners.

In the majority of cases the crews are agreeable to sign
fresh articles, but owners have no control over this action,
and must if the men desire arrange for their return by